NEW: TComponentCollector, Administrate all non-visual components 
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 NEW: TComponentCollector, Administrate all non-visual components

Great component for all developers, administrate all non-visual components!!!!

Do you have lot of non-visual Components cluttering your form and
taking design space, this component will collect all non-visual
components and put it in a popup-Menu instead totally automatically.
Making more space available at design-time.

Freeware version.

Please enjoy!

/Patrik Wang

section 1 of 1 of file  < uuencode 95 (v37) by R.E.M. >

begin 644

sum -r/size 18348/9001 section (from "begin" to "end")
sum -r/size 25274/6511 entire input file

Thu, 21 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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