HELP: Same Pardox File, Different drive letter 
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 HELP: Same Pardox File, Different drive letter


>I am having a problem with table corruption when I access a paradox
table from two
>machines which are pointing to the SAME volume with different drive
letters.  For

>On Machine 1, the file is in C:\MYDATA\TABLE1.DB
>On Machine 2, the H: drive is mapped to the C: drive on Machine 1
(using Win95).

>If both machines have TABLE1.DB open, any changes made on one side are
not reflected
>on the other (even when doing a Refresh).  AND, when the table is
closed, and
>attempted to reopen, I get a message saying one of the files is

corrupted.  I have to
>then copy all the table files from a backup and start over.

>This is a problem.  Sure, I could use SUBST on Machine 1 to create a
virtual drive H,
>but I don't want to have to settle for that as this is a system that
will be run all
>over, and I'd like to minimize tech support headaches.

>I am continuing to investigate this, so I'll post a solution if I do

find one.

There has been lots of discussion on this topic in this group - both
theoretical and actual experience.  The consensus amongst those who
experienced this problem and solved it was :
1.  All drives on the network must be addressed using the same drive
2.  Set local share (in BDE) to true.

If I remember correctly option 2 alone might have solved this problem.
However both of these in combination definitely solved this problem.
So I suggest give this a try and let us know since this is a very
common problem.


Sat, 25 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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