master detail post command 
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 master detail post command

I have a master-detail form with fields from the master table
and a dbgrid for the detail table. I have a foreign key constrataint
on the detail table linking to the master table.

Entering data in the form works fine, but when I enter a record in the
dbgrid and scroll down to create another row in the dbgrid I get a
constraint error. This is correct because the program tries to
insert a record in the detail table while the master table isn't

Now i created a beforepost event on the detail table and try to call
the master postmethod from that but unfortunately this won't work. It
looks like delphi refuses the whole post command. When I look in the
SQL monitor I see no activity to the master table. While there is an
insert into the detail that ofcourse fails.

Please help....

TTYL Andre

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Sun, 20 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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