HELP! How to get table structure??? 
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 HELP! How to get table structure???


i am trying to figure out a way to allow the user to look at a table's
structure, and also alter it, the way you can in database desktop.  the
problem is, how do i get that info???  the best i can do is get a field's
name, type, and sometimes its size.  and for the type, i get values like
ftString, ftFloat, ftSmallInt, etc.  i need a way to get, for example, for
a dBase database, if the field is numeric (and then its size and decimal),
character, etc.  i can only get size for certain fields - as the delphi
help indicates,
        Size is meaningful only for a TFieldDef object with one of the
        following FieldType values: ftString, ftBCD, ftBytes, ftVarBytes,
        ftBlob, ftMemo or ftGraphic.

how can i get the basic values for the table structure?  please help!!!
you can reply here to the newgroup or to me via email.

thanks much,

Tue, 17 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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