Creating a Temp Table with TBatchMove (MSSQL 6.0) 
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 Creating a Temp Table with TBatchMove (MSSQL 6.0)


I am currently using delphi Client/Server with MS SQL 6.0.

I am trying to create a temporary table that is available only
to that session.  I expect that several users will be running
this program at the same time, and do not want the temporary
tables to interfere with each other.

According to the SQL Manual (Transact SQL Reference) all I need
to do for a temporary table is place a '#' (pound sign) before
the table name.  When I do this, I receive the error: 'Invalid
Table Name.'  I know the whole system works if I use a 'normal'
name in the TableName property of the TBatchMove so I am
condifent that everything else is correct.  I do have
'privledges' to the Create Table command and can do it in the
utility 'Interactive SQL for Windows' (ISQL/w).

Does anyone out there have any experience in this or has anyone
found a way around it?  My goal is to be able to create a
table only available to the local process.

Thank you in advance.
Tony Thornton

Sun, 02 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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