Setting up memo field size 
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 Setting up memo field size

I've several questions, all related to trying to append a new record to a
database in which one of the fields is a memo (dbase type, but I tried
paradox, too).  I'm not using the TDBmemo, because I have to get the data
from a set of nested callbacks using a third party DLL.  I can use
fieldByName('xxx').asString := mystring; with no problems for the string
fields, but am getting nowhere with the pchar buffer that might have
anywhere from 0 to 32000 characters in it.

Here are my questions, any help really appreciated, and, if your system
allows, could you cc email to me.

1.  What are and what causes DDEML page faults and/or GPF in DDEML?

2.  Why, after getting one of these, do I have to reboot to clear things
Otherwise, I continue to get them no matter what.

3. How do you initialize or set up the record buffer to accommodate a
buffer you want to stick in a Memo field?  Currently, I'm only concerned
with building a new record, but I see the same problem cropping up if I
to add more data to an existing Memo.  If I use the tfield editor at
time to set the size to, say 32000, then when I try to run it tells me
the field is not of the expected type!  Everyplace I look, it tells me the
record buffer has to be ready to accept the data, but no place I've found
tells me how to set up a variable length field (memo, blob, whatever) to
accept incoming data of a such and such a size.

Brandon Smith

Mon, 02 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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