Paradox or dBase format? 
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 Paradox or dBase format?


>Dear all,
>        Delphi is new to me. And I used to programmed FoxPro 2.6 with
>dBase tables format. But once when I started to learn Delphi, it support
>different tables format like Paradox. After reading the specification on
>the Paradox table format, it seems quite powerful to do data checking on
>by the structure of that table.

>        Can anyone share the opinion on which format of table files
>should I use in delphi to optimize the speed, compatibility,

>        Any pros and cons in using Paradox files or dBase files?

>Best Regards,
>        Franky.C

This is the same question i put in this newsgroup a few days ago but,
unfortunately, no one answered me. So i had built a simple program test
and the results told me that Paradox is absolutely better than DBase.
Some weeks ago, i found a benchmark on the net; the results was very
different (DBase seems to be the best product in the world). So, in this
confused situation, i phoned to Borland OnLine and they sad me that
Paradox is more sophisticated and quick than DBase. From the other hand,
DBase is the most common database format. If you have to share your files,
or some of them, with other programs (i.e. MS Excel, MSWord...), than
use DBase. For the tables that have not this need, Paradox is better.
If you found some material concerning your question, please let me know.

David Obber

Sat, 05 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Paradox or dBase format?

>have nice features like validity-checking, referential integrity (sort-of),
>strong password-protection, and the fact that they never require packing.  
>They're also very quick.

        NEVER require packing? It is my understandindg that they are allocated similar
t an Access table is, and they can become to have "holes" of emtpy space, and
becme "fragmented" if you will.

        Thus packing does reorder and eliminate the "holes".  This also seems to
correlae with a table that I have, I often add in batches, and delete in
batches.Everyonce in a while, when I pack it, it shrinks and it's speed

        The tables are managed much like a compressed drive.

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