Interbase with views or stored procedures. 
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 Interbase with views or stored procedures.


>We have a problem with Interbase 4.0 for Windows NT. There is a table
>with about 500.000 records and one with about 7.000. When we create a
>view wherin a calculation between fields in both tables is made. (A
>very simple percentage calculation x*y/100 ) When we select from the
>first table (with calculations) this goes extremely fast. From the
>second even faster :-) But when the view is used (or select procedure)
>it takes about halve an hour to complete. Can this be done faster?
>When you need the source code, I will mail it to you..
>One sollution we found is to create a static table with the values
>from the view, but this will need (extremely) difficult triggers to
>update the table. So we thought about creating a view, but it is sooo
>Hope anyone can help us further..
>Thanx in advance,
>Andre Broers, Automation.

Andre, have you thought of using a procedure instead?  Depending upon
what you select by this could be a much faster way of getting your

You could also create a procedure for doing the calculation and then
reference it from your view!

I'm not sure which is the fastest way but there is a lot of options.


Sat, 16 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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