PROBLEM: Has this problem come up before? (Install Shield) 
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 PROBLEM: Has this problem come up before? (Install Shield)

I have a program that uses DB4 tables with the index files created as
MDX's and I search these tables with some simple SQL statements. The
program runs fine. When I use Install Shield to transfer the program to
another computer I get an 'Invalid File Name' as soon as the program
attempts to make the table active.

I am including a full implementation of  BDE inside install shield. with
the following details.

The new alias is called 'quake' (the program is about an earthquake),
the path is set to [program files]\Borland\Common Files\BDE and it does
get set up there, and finally the type is set to DBASE.

Just to add to the strangeness, I am copying the program to CD becase
there is alot of media files. When I install it from the CD it fails. If
I create on the CD the directory a directory and put the compiled
application there and run it after attempting to install on the
harddrive the CD version works.

What I am saying in this last paragraph is after installing the proram
with Install Shield it does not run on the hard drive. BUT the same EXE
program will run on the CD.

Any pointers would be more than welcome.


Matthew Cavenett

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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