Paradox, (16 bit BDE) and wasted space - HELP 
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 Paradox, (16 bit BDE) and wasted space - HELP


I was wondering if anyone has noticed that Paradox/BDE 16 has a bit of a
space problem.  One of my DB's is built from copying records from one table
to another (simple copy, in index order, append..append..append...etc).
After copying 200-300 records, if I pack the table, the size is reduced by
33% (record size ends up to have 3 record per block, so it seems to write
two, skip one...etc)

My question, Does Paradox leave the last record of a block free for future
inserts?  Is there a way to stop this behavior? (It is consistent).

Thanks in advance

If you could, please respond directly to me as I don't get much time to scan


Sat, 24 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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