Help! Copying a table w/TBatchMove, ODBC 
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 Help! Copying a table w/TBatchMove, ODBC

Here is my problem: I have my user create a query in my D1 program and I
want to use ReportSmith to print some reports, but how do I get the
Query created at runtime from my program to RS_Runtime?

I decided to try and use the TBatchMove component which has a batCopy
mode that will copy the source, which can be a query, to a table and if
the table doesn't exists it will create it. So, everytime I perform a
query if I copy it into this table I could set up ReportSmith to use
that table to report from. I created a TTable for the non-existant table
and set the proper database alias, then I set the TBatchMove components
properties with the input coming from a TQuery. When I execute this I
get the following error message:

Invalid field type. [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 2.0 Driver]
Couldn't find input table or query 'testing.

I'm using an Access database via BDE/ODBC. I have looked and haven't
found out anything obviously wrong yet. 'Invalid field type' seems to
indicate that maybe ODBC/Access is having trouble identifying BDE's
interpretations of its own field types in creating the new table?
Any suggestions?

Jonathan Crockett

Sun, 22 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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