Using LOCAL-SQL or Transact-SQL with SQL-server and BDE 
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 Using LOCAL-SQL or Transact-SQL with SQL-server and BDE

I'm a bit confused how BDE works regarding SQL statements. Has BDE the
capability of taking Local-Sql (ANSI-SQL) statements and translate it to
the native SQL according to the db-server?
I've fiddled with the obvious Alias-parameter (SQLQRYMODE = LOCAL)  but
without any result.  

PS: The major reason for looking in to this is that Microsoft will
discontinue supporting Transact-SQL joins (table1.ID =* table2.ID) in
future versions of SQL-server. I know that SQL-Server 6.5 support
ANSI-SQL but I have to make programs that also will run on v6.0.

Havard Ostgaard

Thu, 22 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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