Making a new Index: Invalid Index Descriptor (CDX) 
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 Making a new Index: Invalid Index Descriptor (CDX)

I hope you can help me on this one:

I am writing an automatic maintenance utility that runs a background
thread late at night. This thread creates a TTable on the fly and
opens the databases in a directory. Then it deletes all the indexes on
that table and then recreates them according to a configuration file
(that way I can add new indexes without asking my users to exit).

My problem is this: Sometimes, people open the table with FoxPro and
create a CDX. My main delphi App reacts fine, ignoring the CDX and
using the MDX instead, but when I try to recreate the index with my
background process I get the following error when creating the index:

Invalid index descriptor
Index does not exist
File: \\Server\Directories\File.CDX.

I am already specifying the table type as ttDBase (I am using Delphi

Does anybody know how the DBF knows what kind of CDX to look for? I
need to be able to either switch the DBF header back to MDX
programatically (a-la-foxpro) or be able to recreate my MDX's ignoring
the fact that somebody opened the DBF with foxpro.

My code looks like this:

To Delete my index definitions, I am using:

        for iCounter := 0 to tblTableToReindex.IndexDefs.Count - 1 do
          strIndexToDelete := lstIndexList.Strings[iCounter];
          WriteLn(FLogFile,'        Index '+strIndextoDelete+'

And a little later, to recreate them from the configuration structure




            WriteLn(FLogFile,'        Index '+
FileToIndex.Indexes.Items[iCounter].Name +
                                     ' created:
            on E: Exception do WriteLn(FLogFile,'        ** ERROR
Creating index '+ FileToIndex.Indexes.Items[iCounter].Name +'!!

The config structure "FileToIndex" looks something like:

TFileToIndex = class
    FileName: String;
    Indexes : TIndexDefs;
    Constructor Create;

David Martinez

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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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