Deadlocks on Win2000 but not on NT 4 !! 
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 Deadlocks on Win2000 but not on NT 4 !!

It is really unclear to me! Same everything but on NT 4 it works like
a charm and on Windows2000 I get deadlocks everytime two browsers try
to save a record concurrently. More details:
  -- same cgi/isapi, writting in Delphi5
  -- same database
  -- same database server, Sybase ASA v12
  -- same webserver, IIS
  ++ different OS. On one machine the website is hosted on Win2000 and
on another Windows NT 4.0
  ++ when two browsers accessing the same website try to save a record
at the same time (as much as I could with two rapid clicks), one
browser shows the error message:
"Error! Database1: Cannot perform this operation on a closed
This happens only in the website hosted on Win2000. The other one
shows no error message and gets the two browsers satisfied.
  ++ the error takes place at the "Database1.StartTransaction"

Any ideas why this happens? Can it be that there is some setting I
have neglected that makes the two environments not quite the same? Or
is it that Win2000 is 'too sensitive'?

Tips and ideas are very welcome

Wed, 07 Apr 2004 19:31:25 GMT  
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