EURO, Dual currency problems 
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 EURO, Dual currency problems

It's only about 40 days before the European double currency system
starts. No actual Euro coins or bank notes yet, but EURO as a billing
Has someone found any good, or maybe simple, ways how to handle the
EURO + National currency programming problems?

1. If you have only one Field in database, always keeping for example
   only the national currency amount, and when you need to show or print
   the EURO amount, you get it by using the Euro factors, 1 DEM = * EURO
   or something.
   This approach is easy to carry out, but it has some problems with
   accounting, because of the rounding errors.

2. Or you could always have one Field for national currency and another
   for EURO, and also a third Field to store the rounding differences.
   This approach may be the accurate one, but also more laborious to do
   and maintain.

3. Maybe all this trouble could be handled with some simple TTable derivative,
   that has some built in routines to handle most of the double currency
   I wonder if anyone has written anything like this.

   Any ideas?

Markku Nevalainen

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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