Help with long strings as query parameters 
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 Help with long strings as query parameters

I'm having a problem with a delphi 5 data conversion app.  I'm reading
data from one database table through a query, doing some manipulation,
and putting into an MS-Access 97 table through and insert statement.

The problem is with a memo field.  I'm reading it from the old DB with
FieldByName('fieldname').AsString, which works OK.  When I try to put
this string into the Access DB with Param[X].AsString, it's fine as long
as the string is less than 255 bytes.  If it's large, I get garbage in
the memo field.  I've tried using Param[X].AsBlob and AsMemo, but the
same thing occurs.

I can write the update SQL statements with the long strings out to a
text file, but I don't know how to batch SQL statements into Access.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Fri, 05 Sep 2003 01:02:10 GMT  
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