Interbase and Crystal Reports 
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 Interbase and Crystal Reports

I am trying to avoid using ReportSmith in an app I am developing
with delphi on Interbase. I have chosen Crystal Reports 4.5 (CR) as
the alternative.

I have created my IB databases with DBD and they seem to behave
wonderfully in Delphi. I configured my database alias exactly as the
IBLOCAL example that ships with  Delphi C/S.

When I attempt to use CR with the IBLOCAL example everything loads
and runs as expected. However, when I try to load my database I
get the following error message :

(Q+E Software)(ODBC Interbase Driver)(Interbase) I/O error during
"Open File OF_READWRITE" operation for file "C:\areal\realtabs.gdb"

The BDE is set as follows:

        SCHEMA CACHE TIME = -1

What seems to the my problem (please limit replies to my
problems in Delphi / CR ... or we could be at it all day).

Wed, 20 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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