Threads + DB + GUI = Trouble!! 
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 Threads + DB + GUI = Trouble!!


>> In multi-threaded applications (and I am working with one over a

>> need to create your sessions, one for every thread, and connect


>> those sessions. Every thread HAS TO HAVE its own session.

>My problem is with the GUI (Main) thread - My DBGrid is not stable -
when I
>enter the DBGrid it refreshes and changes the view. Another problem is
>changing while the user is in edit mode on the table.
>But thank u for the advise I'll try it.

I had the same problem in the beginning, when I used a single TSession
object. Then I asked Borland for help, and they said that i "Have to use
separate session for every thread". So, I did it. And now it works just

When you're using a single session, (maybe even the same TTable object),

multiple threads access the same resources, and that is what shouldn't
happen. Even variable access has to be inside critical sections when
multi-threaded applications.
I am working with one major application for three years now (over a year

using delphi 3): over 160 data input forms with more than 200 different
tables, more than 300.000 lines of my code. It is a Client/Server based
application, uses background data processing (so users can input data
when data processing is in progress). I'm using two sessions: one for
input, and the other for the background process, and have no problems
DBGrid or any other VCL component.

If you wrote your own auto-refresh routines, there could be the next
problem. If you call refresh for any master table, all detail tables
the same master, or a master from that master, are refreshed too. If in
state, the detail table automatically goes to Browse state.

Danijel Tkalcec,

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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