Inserting text into a memo field using SQL. 
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 Inserting text into a memo field using SQL.

Hi. I am using delphi 2.01 C/S and SQL Anywhere 5.5.01.

I'm trying to "insert" text into a memo field using a TUpdateSQL

The command is a simple...

 "insert into KBase
   (UserID, Notes)
   (:UserID, :Notes)"

I then get the error 'Field "Notes" is of an unsupported type.' What

Trying something a little different, but along the same lines...
In the Params section of a query component & using ExecSQL, it seems I
can only use the following types:
AsBCD, AsBoolean, AsCurrency, AsDate, AsDateTime, AsFloat, AsInteger,
AsSmallint, AsString, AsTime, or AsWord.

I can't seem to use "AsString" -- how then do I assign text to this memo
field ("Notes"), since there is no "AsMemo" type?



Mon, 06 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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