Help ! Why does this *simple* Query crash ? 
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 Help ! Why does this *simple* Query crash ?

Please help me, I need to find a solution URGENTLY.

I have two databases, "dest.dbf" for customers and "kabw.dbf" for
parts movements, both dbase III+ files, no indexes.

I want all parts movements for all customers in dest.dbf, so I write

select D.NR, K.*
from "dest.dbf" D, "kabw.dbf" K
where D.NR = K.NUMMER

and I get a protection fault in idapi01.dll in my application, and a
severe hangup in the bde interface program that comes with delphi.

I am solely using local sql on dbase II+ files. As far as I know, the
hangup depends on the size of "KABW.DBF". It works with 15000 entries,
but crashes with 55000 entries. So this should be a bufsize problem.

please, WHAT IS TO BE DONE ?

Seems to be a habit to get catastrophes like that one meter before
the finish line. Must be a law of nature.


Thank you for reading this.

kind regards

Lutz 'Luke' Mueller.

P.S. If at all possible, email me.

* Lutz 'Luke' Mueller, Artillerieweg 42a App. 517 26129 Oldenburg, Germany *


Thu, 21 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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