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 Help Batchmove - Invalid Field Descriptor

Help Please ?

I am using a Batchmove to attempt to copy the results of a Query to a
DBF file. The query takes place upon a .dbf with a .mdx, both on a
fileserver, and the result is shown on a dbgrid.  At the end of the
search I execute the batchmove in order to create ANSWER.DBF.  ie  the
whole thing emulates Database Desktop.  By using a program, instead of
Database Desktop I can offer my users printing, and output options of
either a DBF or a CSV file, helped along with comboboxes for the
selection of fields, etc, etc.

This all works very well....

However, if the user opts to select a numeric field in the query, the
batchmove fails with "Invalid Field Descriptor: C:\ANSWER.DBF"

Batchmove source set to Query1, the destination set to Table2 (which
is ANSWER.DBF), and the mode as batCopy.

What am I doing wrong??  Any ideas?


Tue, 17 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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