Please Help with a QuickReport/TQuery/TTable problem 
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 Please Help with a QuickReport/TQuery/TTable problem

In one of the complex reports I have, I changed all TTables to TQuery
components to cut down on the over head and extra processing that goes
with the TTable. Some tables were linked in the master detail fashion.
I achieved the same goal in using the linked queries. I confirmed the
data sets using a test app and also SQL Monitor. So far so good. But now
my report has stopped working.

When I invoke the Preview, delphi first tells me that it can't find the
qreport.pas source file (which, offcourse, I don't have). After I tell
Delphi to ignore it, it gives me the error message that "this operation
not supported by the table". But I don't have any table. What operation?

I am running Delphi v3 C/S, QuickReport v2.0i, NT4 with service pack 3.
The DB is Oracle 7.3 WGS.

Please help!!!


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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