parameterized query problems... 
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 parameterized query problems...

Hello All....

I'm attempting to issue a few parameterized queries, where the SQL
statements are generated at run time...  Is this even possible?  I'm
receiving some erros that I cannot seem to resolve.  I am using delphi
version 1.0, connected to Oracle 7.2 tables...  I know that I'm
connecting ok to Oracle, because I'm being prompted for the login
name and password for the Oracle tables.

Here's the error messages that are generated.....

  The first error message tha't returned is:

        "General SQL Error. ORA-01745: invalid host/bind variable name".

  The second error that is returned is:

        "Field 'part_no' is of unknown type."

    And they just continue from there, with every one of the
    parameterized variables...
Here's the offending snippet of code.....

  size_desc  : String;

{can you even use the "SELECT xx INTO :xxx" syntax??}
Query1.SQL.Add('SELECT p.part_no, p.user_part_no, p.upc_no');
Query1.SQL.Add('INTO :part_no, user_part_no, :upc_no');
Query1.SQL.Add('FROM part AS p WHERE p.user_part_no = :partno');
Query1.ParamByName('partno').AsString := edtFindPart.Text;

part_no          := Query1.ParamByName('part_no').AsString;
user_part_no := Query1.ParamByName('user_part_no').AsString;
upc_no          := Query1.ParamByName('upc_no').AsString;

Query1.SQL.Add('INSERT INTO qrs_table'');
Query1.SQL.Add('(sel_cd, upc_no, user_part_no, nrf_size_cd, '+
                 'nrf_color_cd, part_desc, color_desc, '+
Query1.SQL.Add('VALUES(:sel_cd, :upc_no, :user_part_no, :nrf_size, '+
                            ':nrf_color, :part_desc, :color_desc, '+
Query1.ParamByName('sel_cd').AsString           := sel_cd;
Query1.ParamByName('upc_no').AsString           := upc_no;
Query1.ParamByName('user_part_no').AsString := user_part_no;
Query1.ParamByName('nrf_size').AsString          := nrf_size;
Query1.ParamByName('nrf_color').AsString        := nrf_color;
Query1.ParamByName('part_desc').AsString      := part_desc;
Query1.ParamByName('color_desc').AsString    := color_desc;
Query1.ParamByName('size_desc').AsString      := size_desc;


This one's got me baffled...  

Is it that you cannot use the "SELECT <fields> INTO <vars>" syntax?
or am I missing something?

I get the same errors on the "INSERT" statement which leads me to
believe that I'm missing something...

Can anyone help me with this one?


David Sim
Revman Industries, Inc.

Tue, 23 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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