manual retrive dbf data 
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 manual retrive dbf data

wantedtext:=Table1Fieldname1.Value  or
Use the fieldeditor (rightclick on the table-component) to activate all fields.
or look at FIELDBYNAME in delphi Help.

>Hi everyone,

>I am using delphi 4 standard,I am very new to delphi( 1 week),I have created
>a simple data aware form and database using dbase for windows,
>I have no problems with adding data,and worked out a  printing
>routine to print the required data,but I have so far been unable to
>find any examples on how to retrive a record from the database.

>      if PrintDialog1.Execute then
>        with PrintDialog1 do
>        begin
>             with Printer do
>             begin
>                  RecNum:=Table1.RecordCount;
>                  if RecNum >0 then
>                  begin
>                        Table1.First;
>                         BeginDoc; (* init printer *)
>                        for i := 1 to RecNum do
>                            begin
>                               (* get data here*)
>                               Table1FNAME.GetData(PChar(name));

>                                (* pass data to print routine *)
>                                PrintPage(name);
>                                NewPage;
>                                Table1.Next;
>                             end;
>                          EndDoc;
>                  end;
>             end;
>        end;

>I would be grateful if someone could tell me the relationship between the
>and record in a dbase file and how to retrieve the fieldname data .
>nether have I found in the delphi help file or examples so far

>Steven Watson

Thu, 12 Feb 2004 21:47:36 GMT  
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