HELP -- "Key Group is Locked" ??? 
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 HELP -- "Key Group is Locked" ???

Hi, I have been all over the place trying to get an "answer" to my
problem... so here goes:  In my D1 app, I have 2 tables... one is a
department list (ie Department Number and Department Description) and the
other is an item file (ie same as department list plus other details)...
I have used Referential Integrity to "take care of" changing each
individual item in the table if the Department Table changes... oh BTW, I
am using Paradox tables version 5, and I am accessing the Department list
by TTable and the Item File by SQL Query.

What is wrong:  When I change something in the department table,
everything is fine... BUT if I change something else in either table, I
get a "Key Group is Locked" error.  I have tried refreshing the database,
to un-activate then re-activate the table and nothing !... can someone,
ANYONE tell me what is wrong ?

I have been to the Borland FTP and read too many TIs... none of them told
me what to do...

Thanks in advance, I am really in a bind here, Neil Morrish.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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