ReportSmith 3.0 Master/Detail Reports 
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 ReportSmith 3.0 Master/Detail Reports

Please help...

I am using ReportSmith 3.0 and I am having problems
with a master/detail relationship.

I am using 3 Paradox tables:

BM - Broker Master file (Main table for report).
PT - Policy transaction (Detail file) - Index Broker Code.
PM - Policy Master file (Lookup File) - Index Policy Number.

I have linked the first two tables.

BM->Broker Code -------> PT->Broker Code

This works great, however I need to relate each PT record
to the last file PM to pick up names and addresses.
(The PM file is a large database +- 100 000 records!)

The link is a follows:

PT->Policy Number --------> PM->Policy Number

When I do this I have to wait for ages while it sorts
through what seems like the whole PM file (10-15mins)
this is unacceptable.  Does anyone know how I might
speed up the process or create a better link.

The PM file does have an index on the Policy Number field.
What I need is a one to one lookup on the Policy Number.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Ian Hopewell
Hopewell and Associates
Business Information Systems.

Tel: 27-31-2075059
Fax: 27-31-2074868

Sat, 16 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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