HELP!!: "Multiple net files","Lock file has grown too large" 
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 HELP!!: "Multiple net files","Lock file has grown too large"

Please help,

I have an application running on a small WFW network (2 nodes). There
are two major problems:

1.) I get the error "Multiple net files in use". This is what I have
done: In the BDE configuration program I have set the Paradox driver
parameter "NetDir" to a shared directory (the same for both nodes). In
my program I set "Session.NetFileDir" to the same directory (shouldn't
be necessary maybe). I also set "Session.PrivateDir" to local directories.
Both programs access the same database. Still I get this error.
Anyone got a clue on what's wrong here?

2.) I get the error "Lock file has grown too large" after a while of
data entry. The error message mentions two files in the executable's
directory (which is not where the database resides). Why do I get this
error? I do not use any form of explicit locking, and the implicit locking
which is handled by the BDE should use the shared database directory
I guess?

3.) Could someone please give a brief explanation on how the BDE and
the Paradox drivers handle network access. How does the locking procedure
work? What do the different files (*.lck, *.net etc) mean? Which settings
are needed? I really would need to have an overview of this.

I would be very grateful for any answer,
Magnus G?fvert

Fri, 20 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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