DBLookUpCombo not reversing lookup feature 
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 DBLookUpCombo not reversing lookup feature

I put a DBLookUpCombo on my form and connected it to two databases. What
I wanted to do was to look up let's say the color 'Green' in the second
table and store a corresponding numeric field from the second database
into the first database let's say '1'. So I look up 'Green' and store
'1'. It worked great! Now the problem: When I browse with DBNavigator
through the records of the table, it doesn't look up the '1' from the
first table and display 'Green' from the second table. Same component
hooked up the same way, I haven't even left the form I entered the data
from. How to I get it to reverse the procedure????
Note: If I look up 'Green' from the second table and store 'Green' it
has no problem displaying the correct data.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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