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 Password Protection

Several (including me) have asked about the use of TSession when
using password protected Paradox tables. And several have offered
suggestions about how to use the "Addpassword('mypassword')"
construction. After much trial and error I stumbled on a solution
that is incredibly simple and I thought I would pass it along in
case someone needs it.

Create your form and put onto it the DataSource and Table access
components found in the "Data Access" page of the delphi IDE. Then
click on the "Table" component, click on the "Events" page of the
Object Inspector, and then double-click on the "BeforeOpen" option.
At that point insert the one "session" statement shown below in the
code snippet from a form I'm using.

procedure TNewcaseForm.ClientTableBeforeOpen(DataSet: TDataset);

Hope this is useful.

Walt Hudson

Thu, 11 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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