Passing date variable to Report Smith in dd/mm/yy format 
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 Passing date variable to Report Smith in dd/mm/yy format


I've been trying without any success to pass date variables to Report
Smith in dd/mm/yy format. Things work if the date is pass as mm/dd/yy
with the following code:

        with BCReport do
            ReportName := 'ISALESUM.RPT';

                                           FormatDateTime('mm"/"dd"/"yy', StartDate)+'''>');

                                           FormatDateTime('mm"/"dd"/"yy', EndDate)+'''>');

bt changing FormatDateTime('mm"/"dd"/"yy', EndDate) to
FormatDateTime('dd"/"mm"/"yy', EndDate) raises an error.

Is there anyway to make sure that the date be passed in dd/mm/yy
format hence be printed in the same format as well, which is my main
concern. I've made sure that the Windows date format and the BDE date
format are all in dd/mm/yy.

Please help! If possible, please email your reply as my ISP do not
keep newsgroup message for more than a few days. If anyone else is
interested, i'll compile the reply I receive and post to this
newsgroup. Thanks.

Fri, 15 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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