Q:Posting changes within a transaction (Capability not Supported) 
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 Q:Posting changes within a transaction (Capability not Supported)


I'm writing a DB application with delphi 3 C/S and have the following
I want to swap the value of a field between two records in the same table in
an Interbase database using th BDE. I need to be sure that if one update
fails, the otherone is not processed, or -- if already processed -- rolled
back, so I use StartTransaction ... Commit / Rollback.

Because I want to update two records in one table, I need to Post the
changes in one record before changing the other one (either explicitly with
the Post-method or implicitly when locating the new record). The problem is,
that the Post-method or the method performing the implicit post always
produces an exception:
  Capability not supported

When I remove the transaction-processing everything works fine! An update on
one record also works correctly.

Has anyone seen this problem before and know what to do?


Quido Evers, Devote IT Architects, Netherlands

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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