Help using LOCATE with delphi 3.02 
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 Help using LOCATE with delphi 3.02

Please help !!!! I'm using delphi 3.

I'm trying to find one or more records in an Access table and am using
LOCATE to retrieve it. This works fine for a LOCATE on just one key field,
but doesn't if your are trying to find a record using two fields (whether an
key or not).

The procedure looks like this:

procedure TfmSites.DeleteRelationship (W_parent:string; W_component:string);
// Delete a Parent-component relationhip from file

  with smsdb.parent_d do
    if (Locate('site; component', VarArrayOf([W_parent,W_component]), []))

  with smsdb.component_d do
    if (Locate('Site; Parent', VarArrayOf([W_component,W_parent]), [])) then


Parent_D has site as a keyed field (linked to another table), as does
Component_D. The fields "Component" and "Parent" in each of the respective
tables is not an indexed field (though making them so does not make a
difference - when I say that, I mean indexed as in indexed but not linked to
another table).

Please ! What *AM* I doing wrong ? What is the best method to retrieve a
record that if I know the values of one or more of the fields, irrespective
of wheter they are indexed or not ? The manual and help files suggest using
LOCATE, but I can't see for love nor money, why it's not doing what I think
it should.

TIA :)

Thu, 12 Apr 2001 02:00:00 GMT  
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