Help! A table that keeps losing records 
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 Help! A table that keeps losing records

Hi folks!

I've written an app that stores contract information in three tables.
1. A customer info table
2. A details of contract table (ie. what the contract is for)
3. A history table which keeps track of all the operations on the contract
  (eg. if it's still valid, when it was completed, who completed it..)

Table 1 is a master table, linked to by the other tables.

Anyway, what happens every now and then is the main records disappear.
The linked records remain, and I've set up a "before delete" method that
deletes all the linked records when you actually purposefully remove
a master record.  The weird thing is that when we look at the tables 2 & 3
the records that were linked to the now vanished master records appear
to be linked to other records than what they were originally intended.

I admit, I borrowed heavily from examples on the delphi CD - the mastapp
app in particular, and believe I've set everything up correctly.  The odd
thing is how intermittent the bug is.  It only happens in maybe 1 in 30
contracts, but when it does it usually corrupts several in a row.

Any clues?

Sun, 19 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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