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Originally posted by Stephen Lee-Wool

> Anyone know of a good tutorial/treatise on the use of the UPdateSQL
> component? I've
> read the help file and several delphi tomes, but I still can't get my
> head round it!

> Thanks
> --
> Steve Lee-Woolf University of Salford Manchester, U.K.

How to Use?
Too easy.
It's patch for BDEDataset Update event.
There are tree parameters,InsertSQL,ModifySQL, DeleteSQL
assume your BDEDataSet->SQL->Text is
  SELECT a.*,b.* FROM a inner left join a.id=b.id
InserSQL----------when your Insert one record to dataSet,updateSQL
set parameters to Insert SQL ("OLD_"),then execute is
other same to above.

Like program

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