ReportSmith crosstab style datacontrol for delphi 
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 ReportSmith crosstab style datacontrol for delphi

Has anyone ever used or implemented a  ReportSmith crosstab style
datacontrol for delphi? I'll try to illustrate what I'm thinking
about through an example.

Suppose you have a parts sales database with a structure of three
columns.  The first column is the part type, the second is a time period
and the third is the number of parts sold in the time period.  I would
like to visually represent this in a grid where the first column is the
part type (with a unique row for each part).  The remaining number of
columns depends upon the number of time periods in the database and the
entries are the number of parts sold for the corresponding time period.
With me so far? Entering a value in a cell would result in a new record
being inserting in the underlying DB for the part corresponding to the
row of the cell and the time period  corresponding to the column.

While I'm open to opinions on the DB design (it's just an illustration),
I'd be more interested in hearing of people's experience in implementing
this type of behaviour.  I'm not sure if the TDBGrid can be configured
to do this.  I do have some ideas on the design of a new data-aware
component to achieve the functionality, but wanted to make sure there
wasn't a component available already or a way of using Delphi's
components to do it.

Any comments welcome.  Thanks.

Jim Butler

Tue, 16 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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