A Query and Capability not supported error 
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 A Query and Capability not supported error


I have a problem with a query which is baffling me.  I have a query which I
build dynamically using SQL statements.  For some reason the query fails
with a Capability not supported error.

If I remove one line from the query the query works ok.

The line in question is marked below with ***.  I can run the query in
Access and the query works.  We are using delphi 3 with the latest version
of the BDE.

Any ideas?



SELECT [genMotherboard].[ID],
[Motherboard Models].[Model],
[genMotherboard].[ISA Slots],
[genMotherboard].[PCI Slots],
[genMotherboard].[AGP Slots],
[genMotherboard].[Memory Slots],
[Pointing Device Interface].[Interface],  ***
[Keyboard Interface].[Interface],
[Serial Port Types].[Type],
[Printer Interface Type].[Interface Type],
[USB Types].[Type],
[genMotherboard].[Onboard Devices],
[genMotherboard].[Processor Slots],
[Memory Capacity].[Capacity],
[BIOS Type].[Bios]

FROM [genMotherboard],
[Manufacturer] [Manufacturer],
[Motherboard Models] [Motherboard Models],
[Pointing Device Interface] [Pointing Device Interface],
[Keyboard Interface] [Keyboard Interface],
[Serial Port Types] [Serial Port Types],
[Printer Interface Type] [Printer Interface Type],
[USB Types] [USB Types],
[Memory Capacity] [Memory Capacity],
[BIOS Type] [BIOS Type]

WHERE [genMotherboard].[Manufacturer]=[Manufacturer].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[Model]=[Motherboard Models].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[Mouse Port]=[Pointing Device Interface].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[Keyboard Port]=[Keyboard Interface].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[Serial Ports]=[Serial Port Types].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[Printer Ports]=[Printer Interface Type].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[USB Ports]=[USB Types].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[Max Cache]=[Memory Capacity].[ID]
AND [genMotherboard].[BIOS]=[BIOS Type].[ID]

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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