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 Autocalculate fields

This is probably another "new user" question.   But, how do you create a field
that has a runing total??

Given a series of records with a field for  "charges" & "payments,"  I'd like
to have a column for a running total as of that record.  (ie last_total +
current_fee.)  Since you can't refer to the previous record in an autocalcuate
computation without recursion, how do you access that "previous balance."

 You can a) put a second table refering to your database and re-sum the
previous balance each time (works but slow for large ledgers,)  b) create an
array of totals in ram (but then you have to have & maintain a field for serial
 integers to know where to refer in the array - might as well have a permanent

running total field in your database - which is what I'm trying to avoid.)
I've come up with several Rube-Goldberg approaches - but.

I'm sure there's a simple answer that I'm overlooking.   Please - someone tell
me I'm missing the obvious.

Thanks, Jim

Thu, 21 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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