fibonacci benchmark -- VS 3.0 VS VW 2.0 
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 fibonacci benchmark -- VS 3.0 VS VW 2.0

In a glossy announcing Visual Smalltalk 3.0, Digitalk shows how the
speed of its product line has been improving by showing a graph of
"Execution speed" for their various products.  It says "Larger number
is better" so I assume it's a 1/time graph, and the value at 1985 is
1.0, so I assume it's normalized to 1985's product.

It also says "12 fibonacci 1000 times" which I translate as:
  Time millisecondsToRun: [1000 timesRepeat: [12 fibonacci]]

The thing I'm curious about is that here in 1994 they show Visual
Smalltalk 3.0 as "5.2" and ParcPlace's Visual Works 3.0 as "3.4", or
if you like "VS is faster than VW by a factor of about 1.5."

Well, I asked someone to run the test on VS 3.0 and VW 2.0 on the same
machine, a 60 MHz Pentium running NT, and enough memory so that
nobody's swapping.  He gets 614 ms for VW 2.0 and 932 ms for VS 2.0, or
if you like "VW is faster than VS by a factor of about 1.5"

Oddly, the tests DO come out about the way Digitalk presents them when
the test is run on a 75 MHz 486 running Windows 3.1: VW 2.0 694 ms, VS
3.0 440 ms.  

Anyone have any suggestions for why my measurement disagrees with
Digitalk's by more than a factor of 2?

NB: Notice the "Reply-To" field, eh?  I'm not disinterested in this.
But I'm still not expressing any opinions except my own.

Tue, 19 Aug 1997 03:39:14 GMT  
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