New language Avail for PC and Mac 
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 New language Avail for PC and Mac

An early but stable experimental version of AVAIL (version 030bv) has
now been released for Macintosh and Windows at:


Avail is a multiply-polymorphic modular language with an extremely
flexible syntax.  Its inheritance model is unique, allowing multiple
inheritance, multiple polymorphism, constrained genericity and even
covariant attributes (by virtue of immutability).  Because of the
identityless nature of types, a type can have an infinite number of
supertypes and subtypes.  Avail has a rich set of built in data types
(that can interoperate with user-defined classes, unlike Java and
C++), such as tuples, sets, maps, unbounded integers with infinities,
continuations, lexical closures, first class variables, first class
types, and more.  It has an unusual form of strong typing that
supports generic iteration, currying, and many other higher order
concepts, all in a type safe way, and all written in Avail code.
Variables are first class objects: even local variables of a method
can be manipulated with complete freedom (unlike Smalltalk which
treats variables as non-objects).

The current virtual machine implementation runs on a hybrid of
VisualWorks Smalltalk 3.0 Noncommercial and C++.  To run Avail
you will need to download VisualWorks NC 3.0 for your platform
from http://www.*-*-*.com/ including the DLLCC package.
Almost all of the C++ code is generated mechanically from the
Smalltalk source (the translator and all other development tools
are included in the release).  The system can run without the C++
code (Linux users could use this fact to try out the system), but
it's about 10 times slower.  The C++ code has been compiled into
dynamic link libraries for both the Macintosh and Windows in case
you don't have access to a C++ compiler.

The Avail modules contain implementations of exceptions, currying,
backtracking, graphs, file i/o, persistent storage, and a
metacircular compiler (an Avail compiler written in Avail), in
addition to a large assortment of methods to manipulate the built
in data types.

A recently updated set of HTML pages describing Avail can be
accessed through the URL at the start of this post.  I consider
Avail a descendant of Smalltalk and C++, so you may wish to
post general interest questions and comments as replies to this
post instead of contacting me personally.

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 New language Avail for PC and Mac

> An early but stable experimental version of AVAIL (version 030bv) has
> now been released for Macintosh and Windows at:


There have been a few questions about the licence for Avail.  I think
this is the right forum(s) to clear this up.  Avail is currently a
free, open source project.  I'm the only person to have written code
in it so far, however.  The licence for a more fully implemented
version will probably follow the current trend:  Basic functionality
(the VM + core modules) is free, add-ons might cost something.  I
doubt there will be royalties.  You may have guessed that licence
issues are not my forte.  I'd be interested in hearing people's
opinions on the subject, but email please - some of these newsgroups
are already very diluted. I'll post a summary later...

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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