Squeak on HPUX porting 
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 Squeak on HPUX porting

I have ported Squeak 1.18 to HPUX 10.01, but I have a couple of
small problems.

The first is that the primitive signal:atMilliseconds: fails.
The received value for tick does not have its least significant
bit set.  Is this a problem with parameter passing?

The second problem has to do with defining new methods.  When
I define a new method the temporaries get renamed to t1, t2...
The change long and sources have methods where this did not
happen, so I presume that this is not the expected behaviour.
(Also goes against my previous Smalltalk experience. :-)

When I get these problems fixed I will be willing to upload both
the binaries and the changes to the source code.  But does anyone
have any similar experiences when porting Squeak?

Donald Rich
Intel Israel

Sat, 11 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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