how to use extract method refactoring 
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 how to use extract method refactoring

> Refactorings are way cool in DolphinXP, but I can't get extractMethod to
> work. I select a piece of code and select "Refactorings/Extract Method" in
> the context menu. A little dialog pops up with the required parameters and
> method selector to enter. The OK button is dimmed. Now, I enter a
> but the ok button does not become enabled?!
> What can I do?

Most likely your problem is that your selector doesn't have the required
number of arguments. You need to enter a selector with the same number of
arguments as is listed in the parameter list. If you enter too few or too
many, the button will be disabled.

John Brant

Mon, 07 Feb 2005 01:24:53 GMT  
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