First time for everything - Dolphin crash 
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 First time for everything - Dolphin crash

Hi Andy, Blair,

For the first time I had a _real_ Dolphin crash.

I've got a load of text (from Notepad) which I'm pasing into a method
that returns the load of text into an array. Basically an integer, a
string, an integer, a string and so on (some 150 of these pairs). So
the method looks like:


123 'string'
124 'another string'

and so on

876 'string
877 'string'
878 'string'

Note that the string after 876 doesn't have the closing string quote.
Trying to accept this method crashes Dolphin (I've got a crash log if
you want). Adding the quote it of course works as expected.


Tue, 06 Apr 2004 21:10:23 GMT  
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