Calling Windows API functions 
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 Calling Windows API functions

Anyone have any experience making Windows API calls in Smalltalk/V? I can
successfully make calls that send parameters, even C structs, but I now need
to make a call that receives two different C pointers and the value returned
from the C function. The C function declaration I'm working with is:

        BOOL FAR Pascal GetFormula
                        (short          printJob,
                         HANDLE FAR     *textHandle,
                         short FAR      *textLength);

I assume I need to include WinAddress copyToNonSmalltalkMemory somehow in
the message to my api method to get the address of the pointer and then
get the actual data from that address. Any clues?

Carol Thomson
Duke University Medical Center

Sun, 24 Mar 1996 03:46:09 GMT  
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