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 Experiences with ENFIN

Hello to all interested in ENFIN!

We are using ENFIN under MS-Windows 3.1, OS/2 2.1 and UNIX
(AIX, SCO, HP). We started with ENFIN's Windows
version two years ago. It is true, that ENFIN had stability
problems at the beginning. The stability has been permanently
increased since that time. (The stability of ENFIN's OS/2
version has been always better - OS/2 was ENFIN's first
platform). We were beta testing the Unix version several month
ago and were quite satisfied.

ENFIN right now is the only Smalltalk we know that is available
on MS-Windows, OS/2 2.x and Unix/Motif and which uses the
original GUI controls of the OS. Controls which are not available
in Motif (e.g. OS/2 notebooks, database linked tabular list boxes)
were reimplemented to provide full portability between all platforms.

Surely we know that it is said that ENFIN's main problem is the
performance. Our experience showed that all GUI operations are
fast enough. We had no reasons to reimplement any Smalltalk
code in C to improve the performance, except for our ISDN classes!
The reason for almost every performance problem - we heard of -
laid in badly formulated SQL queries...

The only thing we missed within ENFIN was the lack of multimedia
support. So we had to test the promised open architecture of ENFIN and
started to implement multimedia classes 1 1/2 year ago which now
provide support for Kodak's Photo-CD, analogue video, digital video,
sound and animations. All the stuff is smoothly integrated into ENFIN,
which is a proof of the extensibility of the ENFIN product.


For those interested in official product information:

USA:                           Germany:
Easel Corporation              Easel Deutschland GmbH
25 Corporate Drive             Osterholder Allee 2
Burlington MA 01803            D-25421 Pinneberg
++1 (617) 221 - 3000           ++49 (4101) 5401 - 0

Michael Jeske at               | GEBIT Gesellschaft fuer EDV-Beratung
Phone:     ++49 (30) 881 40 51 | und Informatik-Technologien mbH
Fax:       ++49 (30) 882 26 31 | Konstanzer Strasse 58
CompuServe:        100042,1242 | D-10707 Berlin


Mon, 05 Feb 1996 02:52:30 GMT  
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