Instance-Specific Behavior 
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 Instance-Specific Behavior

I was reading Kent Beck's "Guide to Better Smalltalk" recently and ran
across an article on instance-specific behavior. It seemed like a lot of
fun and something to oh and ah the java folks. Anyway, I typed the
following in a workspace:

| b md inst |
b:=Behavior new.
b instanceSpec: Object instanceSpec.
b methodDictionary: MethodDictionary new.
b superclass: Object.

b basicCompile: 'dodo ^''la la'''.
b inspect.

Now, if I select and "Evaluate It". I get an inspector on my new Behavior
object. There are no methods in his method dictionary at all! Is this
right? Anyway, I replaced Behavior with ClassDescription and re-did it.
This time, I get a message in my inspectors that #name is the subclasses
responsibility. OK, So I implemented a TempClassDescription with #name
implemented to return 'foo'. And re-ran with my TempClassDescription and
I still get no methods in my method dictionary! Alright, I change
TempClassDescription to Class and re-ran it. Still no methods, so I then
used Metaclass and my methods appeared (even though they showed their
class as nil) and creating a new instance worked and responded to: #dodo.
But, this seems a little much since Metaclass should be a soleInstance.

Anyway, how I should go about getting instance specific behavior in
Dolphin. I also tried this in Squeak and got some interesting results as

The code above is pretty much taken from Kent's article, but made simpler
for my excursions...Anyway, I was just playing around with this
stuff....=) Seemed cool to me....

Blaine Buxton

Sat, 30 Oct 2004 11:15:49 GMT  
 Instance-Specific Behavior

Sorry, I just realized (thanks to your e-mail) that the
Object>>allowPerInstanceBehavior method is not shipped in the standard D5
product. I've uploaded the package to our website:

Stick this in %

Best Regards,

Andy Bower
Dolphin Support
Are you trying too hard?

Sat, 30 Oct 2004 21:05:34 GMT  
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