StCAD4: 3D CAD Framework for Smalltalk 
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 StCAD4: 3D CAD Framework for Smalltalk

This is a release announcement.
'StCAD4' was created on 2001/09/30.

For the latest information, freeware downloads, patches, examples and
source of 'StCAD', visit:

     3D CAD Framework for Smalltalk
             Aik-Siong Koh

What is new in this release?
The symbolic function parser allows the user to define functions of
displacements and velocities for forces and torques in all three
components or
along connecting markers. Example formulas include: linear, hardening,
softening springs; linear damper, aerodynamic forces, beam, bushing,
square law and van der pol equation. XY plots can be zoomed and set to
equal scales.

What is 'StCAD'?
'StCAD' is a basic 3D CAD framework in Smalltalk (VisualWorks 5i.x). It
extends the GF/ST 2D drawing framework into 3D. It also include 'StGEO'
which is the 3D geometric domain and 'StMath' which provides the
mathematical support for 3D CAD operations. 'StMath' is also suitable
for engineering, scientific and business computing. The parcels are open

source using Lesser GNU Public License. Users can use these parcels with

other private software to create 3D applications like motion simulation,

finite element analysis, CAD, scientific visualization, etc.

'StCAD' allows users to create and manipulate assemblies, which are
collections of 3D parts. The parts are 3D solids, which can be connected

by joints, constraints, contacts, actuators, springs, dampers or forces.

The parts and connections define the structure or mechanism that the
assembly is meant to represent. Animation is possible, if the user can
provide time series of position and orientation data for the parts.

Users can also obtain output data in the form of plots and tables. XY
plots can be zoomed and set to equal scales. Data series available
include linear and angular displacements, velocities, accelerations
and other user generated data.

'StCAD' has been used to create a freeware called 'freeCAD' which is a
3D CAD with Motion Simulation. The parcel 'StMbD' has been included to
provide a functional demonstration, but its source code is hidden. For
more information visit:

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