Need Automated (Smalltalk) software testing tool 
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 Need Automated (Smalltalk) software testing tool


        Does anybody know about any companies offering automated software
testing for ParcPlace VisualWorks

        This software would possibly provide a scripting language to push
buttons, enter UI field values or even set certain states in the model
directly (i.e. performing Smalltalk statements) and then test if the
program attains the desired UI state and possibly querying for model
states. Reading the resulting states in the scripting can be done by
reading UI field status or querying the model directly via Smalltalk

        In addition while creating the scripts to drive a user interface
it would be nice if this could be done via a macro recorder. This
recorder would record all the user actions and produce script code.

Any info helps


Larry Turcotte
c/o Brooks Automation
41 Wellman Street
Lowell, MA 01851

voice:  (508) 453-1112 ext. 203
fax:    (508) 453-3455

Sun, 17 Aug 1997 01:44:20 GMT  
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