Smalltalk or Java ? - smalltalk after all 
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 Smalltalk or Java ? - smalltalk after all

After all my research into different Smalltalk dialects and prices,
I came to the conclusion that Java was the only realistic solution.
However, to my embarassment I have discovered that the project I am
about to start has to interface with existing Windows software at one
small but vital point.  This would be, to say the least, messy in Java,
and would require another layer of code (A C interface) to support.

So, despite my reservations at writing a Windows-only product, I will be
using Dolphin Smalltalk for this project.  I plan to put some serious
work into Dolphin-on-Wine support at the same time, as the Windows software
that I have to integrate with should easily port (being non-graphical).

Its been a very interesting period of research....

Steve Zara

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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