novice question: subtyping String class? 
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 novice question: subtyping String class?

I'd like to write some methods to add some awk-like features to Smalltalk's
string handling. (sub, gsub, etc.) I thought I'dsubclass String and then write
the methods for that, knowing that itwill inherit copyFrom:to: and the other
built-in String methods. But,once I define a variable-byte subclass of string,
I can't assign to it.

X Fstring new. " Flexible String "
X := 'abcdefg'

just redefines X as a regular String in the second line, and if I write
a method

set: aString
   self := aString

for FString, it doesn't work. I have a feeling that I'm musunderstanding
something basic here.

Bob DuCharme

Sun, 27 Jul 1997 23:23:51 GMT  
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