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 Visual Smalltalk default fonts


I got my copy of Visual Smalltalk for OS/2 today. Digitalk have set
the default font for the Parts Workbench, and anything created with
it, to 10 point 'Tms Rmn'. This is stupid - how many applications have
you seen with dialogs that use this font. (Apart from Parts :-)

Does anybody know how to change the default font used by Parts?

Some possibly helpful info:-

After browsing around, I came across the PARTSSettings->defaultFontDialogs
method which is where the 10 point 'Tms Rmn' comes from. (It sets it to
8 point 'MS Sans Serif' for the Windows version!) I think I need to
resave a modified version of this into a .SLL file. The PWCWBS30.SML file,
in the lib directory, seems to contain the defaultFontDialogs method so
presumably its the PWCWBS30.SLL file I need to regenerate. I'm not sure
what I need to do to get the correct stuff into this file.


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Tue, 08 Jul 1997 07:42:35 GMT  
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